What are the dimensions?

The Dimensions of almost all items are available on the webpage of the item.

How to keep it fresh?

If kept at room temp will be fine for a few weeks, it can be frozen too if you’d like.

Are there different delivery options?

Yes, after putting in the delivery address, you’ll have an option for Carrier shipping or Tri-State delivery if you choose Tri-State delivery, you’ll see a drop down with different options for delivery dates pick which one you prefer.

Do I have to confirm the day of my delivery?

There’s no need to contact us on day of delivery, unless something changes with your availability on that day. The driver might call you if there’s an issue with delivery.

Do you offer a local pickup option?

Yes, we are located in Lakewood at 400 Faraday Ave. We are open for pick ups during normal business hours, but do recommend you call before coming.

Are the toppings and ribbon used, the same as those in the picture?

Generally we try to provide the same ribbon as pictured, however should we happen to be out of stock, we will substitute with a comparable one.

Can I request custom toppings, and pick something different to that pictured?

Yes, for sizeable orders, we are able to offer custom toppings.

What hechsher do you carry on your products?

All the products produced by Barnetts Sweet Creations carry the CRC Hisachdus and KCL hechshers, and are Yoshon and Pareve.

What about bulk pricing, I’m looking to place a large order?

Please see individual items listed on the website for bulk pricing. For further options, feel free to give us a call to discuss.

I’m looking to add biscotti to a hostess package I’m preparing for my sister’s wedding, can you add the logo to the package?

Yes, we have done this for many clients, looking to add a classy touch to their special event. We can add a logo sticker, note or ribbon to your order.